Courier Services

Courier Services

UKEMS has a dedicated team of professional drivers offering both emergency and routine transport provision to meet the needs of the patient.

Experienced in managing the collection and delivery of organs and bloods within specified time frames to assist transplant teams.

We know that there is much to think about when a transplant is being planned, one phone call is all that’s required to be assured everything will be where it is needed at the time it is required.





At UKEMS, we provide a comprehensive selection of training and higher education courses for people that work or want to work within the pre-hospital care sector.

The courses are delivered by experienced healthcare professionals ranging from paramedics to state-registered nurses and are not just dynamic in theory but also enrich learners with practical knowledge.

We understand that some emergency aid skills are used infrequently; however, they are clearly important when actually required.

We want the candidates we train to be ready for the call when it comes in, and in a position to help effectively.

We will always have in the forefront of our mind that it is not about what happens in the classroom, it is about what happens to the patient. This is at the core of our teaching philosophy.

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GP Services

GP Services

UKEMS currently work with general practitioners who facilitate paramedics and other healthcare staff to assist in the day to day management and care of patients.

Paramedics are experienced and skilled at managing patients within the practice, or as we are more often seeing, managing patients on planned home visits.

Their background in caring for patients in all environments makes them an ideal addition to the primary healthcare landscape.


Secure Transport

Secure Transport

We provide a response service for the movement and care of people with mental health illness, managing vulnerable and challenging behaviour safely and with dignity and respect.

All transport requirements are met with highly trained, dedicated crews and vehicles to ensure a safe, comfortable and timely transfer of service users.

We have a variety of vehicle options available in this service ranging from people carrier to secure cell.

Our specialist teams consist of healthcare assistants and escorts with expertise in this area of care.


Medical Repatriation

Medical Repatriation

For patients who face the unforeseen situation of falling ill or becoming injured abroad, our medical repatriation service provides the much-needed reassurance and service required.

At UKEMS we undertake specialist medical repatriation and emergency patient transfer services on behalf of hospitals and health institutions, insurance companies, and other organisations throughout the UK.

Fully-qualified medical staff look after the patient’s requirements.


Urgent Care

Urgent Care

We have a dedicated service staffed and equipped to care for patients who need a higher level of care.

UKEMS contracts directly with the NHS and supports NHS ambulance services in this area.

A professional level of dedicated service is available for journeys between health care facilities, or from domestic and supported living establishments upon request.


Patient Transport Services

PTS (Patient Transport Services)

Our non-emergency patient transport service focuses on the individual’s needs.

A caring, personal service is available to all patients, accommodating wheelchair access and stretcher requirements.

We work with a number of NHS Trusts, Clinical Commissioning Groups and NHS Ambulance organisations to provide non-emergency patient transport for patients attending hospital appointments.

Our service offers dedicated staff who understand the importance of a care lead service.